I want to share a small tip :)

It’s not a secret that I love 3D and while I learn I like to play and explore with every creation. I designed a little character that I called “Pizza Monster” but it’s actually more like an alien hehe, anyways, I wanted…

Of all the projects I’ve worked this is my favorite, I had complete freedom to develop this project, and designing for kids can be really fun. From testing with them, explore colors, and analyze their feedback this project has my heart.

In a couple of opportunities I’ve explained how I made this project but today I want to share with you the full UX behind it.

For this project I used:

Adobe XD + Adobe Aero + Adobe After Effects

I’ve been using Adobe XD since 2018. By that time I was designing my websites in Photoshop and Adobe was promoting this new software that was the perfect tool for UX-UI design.

After trying it was love at first sight and I haven’t stopped using it since then, a couple…

One of the things that I love the most about Adobe XD is all the prototyping possibilities that offer to create animations.

While animating my designs sometimes I found myself creating a lot of artboards but now been able to prototype with the states of your components + auto-animate is a totally game-changer.

Take a look at this micro-animation

How many artboards do you think I use? JUST 2!!

Take a look at the file

Download the file

Amazing right?

Can’t wait to keep creating while XD help me to develop better prototypes and save time.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to participate in the #DesignOff Competition organized by Brandon Groce.

This event face 2 designers to design live a special challenge in 45 min with a fun and unexpected twist.

In this first edition, I had the honor to battle with Ruben…

Andrea Marquez

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